Hello! I’m Siobhan. I’m a 35 year old mother, teacher and dreamer from Bristol, England. I love cats, magic and sushi. Crucio is my own little space where I gather photos, thoughts and virtual dust.

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Over the years I have made many friends online. Here are some of their websites:

Amanda at
Kassy at

Since: 21st May, 2015
𓅫 @firebolting
⚡︎ @spellotapes

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I have been part of the online community since 2003. Over the years many of my favourite websites have vanished and turned to dust, but some still remain and I still love to visit them. Here’s a short list of some of my nostalgic memories and friends.

Style inspiration from Rebecca @ A Clothes Horse
The forums for fansite owners @
Blast from the past, my old favourite fan site @
Pretty photographs by Carrie @ WishWishWish